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If you've made it to my senior page, you are the parent of a soon-to-be high school senior (or a senior yourself!).  Congrats on making it to your senior's final year of high school!!

I know what you are probably thinking....where did the time go?  Senior year should be one of the best years of your teen's life!  A year full of memories that will last a lifetime!  

Your senior's photo experience should also be full of memories that will last a lifetime!

As your photographer, I provide a fun, comfortable, carefree environment where your senior will thrive and feel confident to express their true personality!  I deliver photos that are classic, clean, and timeless, and I offer the highest quality products that you will treasure for years to come.

So let's do it!  Let's create a memorable experience for both you and your senior where we will have fun, laugh and maybe cry a little (because let's face it...this is the start of an exciting but bittersweet year of your senior's life) while capturing your senior during this incredible milestone.  All too soon, they will be starting a new chapter on their own!

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senior add-on's:

-traditional headshot: $35
-skin smoothing/blemish removal: $10/image
glasses glare removal: $10/image

Senior prime session:

-two 1.5 hour seasonal sessions
-2 outfits per shoot
-in person planning consultation
-in person ordering session

Senior mid session:

-1.5 hours
-2 locations 
-2 or 3 outfits
-in person planning consultation 
-in person ordering session

Senior Snap Session:

-45 minutes
-1 location
-2 outfits
- In person ordering session

senior experiences


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