Meet the photographer...

Seeing a photograph through my eyes:

You'll never believe it, but I have a great admiration for all things rustic, country, shabby, and unique; hense the name Rustic Impressions Photography. I fell in love with this rustic style, while being raised in the country, next door to Grandma Maggie, and the farm my dad was raised on. My childhood consisted of walking the bean field to Grandma's house, sneaking windmill cookies from her cookie jar, jumping cracks in the cement with my Meemaw, racing to the woods, and making clubhouses in the big red barn. Reflecting back, growing up was like a fairytale. Full of fun and adventure. At a very young age, I began to appreciate the natural stunning backdrops surrounding me. Pair that with my dad's old 35mm camera, and that's where my creative eye for photography began. 

I draw inspiration from many things. My family is the absolute most important aspect of my life. With that, I love seeing the world through my family's eyes. I love the inspiration drawn from my husband's family owned grain elevator. I love how everything to my 3 year old son is full of action. I love that to my infant daughter, simple things such as a leaf are so incredibly interesting. Viewing things through their eyes is one of the most rewarding parts of my life; and I'm so blessed to be thier mommy/wife.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the light cast on our beautiful world. I'm a light chaser, and would like to consider myself a natural light photographer (for the most part). I enjoy creating art out of exactly what's provided to us, naturally. I schedule most of my sessions in the evening, during the "golden hour", because I believe this is when the most beautiful, romantic lighting is provided to us. 

Now that I've composed a picture of myself for you, let me create a work of art for you! If we share the same passions, then maybe I'm the photographer for you. I'm educated in the field, and my education is something I'll forever view as important, and one of my most favorable qualities. I've earned my associates degree from Mott Community College in Photographic Technology. My dedication, and hours upon hours of training under state-wide known professional photographers has helped mold me into the photographer I am today. I specialize in making your photographs edgy, artsy, and unique. My goal is to express your personality through your portraits. Check out my galleries, and feel free to contact me!